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Roaea NET was founded in 2017 and is a privately owned company, located in Nineveh, Iraq. Our goal is innovation and customer satisfaction. We offer the highest quality internet access available at the most reasonable rates possible. We provide customer services around the clock, seven days a week, and we are proud of the quality and continuity of our service, which sets us apart from other service providers.


Company Services


This section is concerned with films, series and TV programs,


The software section contains a set of important and major programs and applications for computers and smart phones, with updates to computer systems, smart phones, communication devices and networks.

TV Live

TV channels, which include more than 130 TV channels, between encrypted and open, including comprehensive sports channels, films, series, children, music, documentaries and a variety.


The games section contains a set of modern and various games that are suitable for computers, mobile and electronic game devices for the best game production companies in the world.


The library contains a large number of books and magazines, as it contains books and educational supplies for schools and universities as well as a collection of other books


This section is concerned with audio files and contains more than 100,000 tracks

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Duration : 1 Month interational : 1 GGC : 3 FNA : 3 Total(Mb/s) : 7 Local services : Unlimited


Duration : 1 Month interational : 2 GGC : 5 FNA : 4 Total(Mb/s) : 11 Local services : Unlimited


Duration : 1 Month interational : 3 GGC : 6 FNA : 5 Total(Mb/s) : 14 Local services : Unlimited


Duration : 1 Month interational : 5 GGC : 8 FNA : 7 Total(Mb/s) : 20 Local services : Unlimited

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Address: Flowers neighborhood ,
Nineveh - Mosul
Phone 964-7703867038
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